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Olivae Shampoo:

"I love this shampoo. I've been using it for years!" - R.S., Los Angeles, CA

"I have enjoyed my Olivae Shampoo. It makes my hair shine." - B.P., Dallas, TX

"I can't believe how well this (Olivae Shampoo) works. I've spent so much money on 'salon' shampoos. This is so much better." - R.H., North Palm Beach, FL

"Having tried the Olivae Shampoo at a friend’s house I’m amazed how much better my gray hair looks!" - J.V., Sonoma, CA

"Best Shampoo [Olivae Shampoo] on the planet. Simple, luxurious, light sent, works. Highly recommended! " - K.R., Elk Grove, CA

"Love the Olivae Shampoo." -G.K., Bath, PAR.

Olivae Conditioner:

"Finally, a safe, gentle conditioner that takes the tangles out! I started using Olivae Shampoo and Conditioner on my daughter’s hair, she is 5, and it is great. No build up in her scalp and the ingredients are natural. We used to struggle with tangles, but not any more. The conditioner leaves her hair very manageable and shiny without being heavy or oily. Thanks." - K.S., Downingtown, PA

"The Olivae hair conditioner is the best product I have ever used." - L.D., Murrells Inlet, SC

"We love the conditioner, makes your hair full but silky, its a fantastic conditioner, give it a try! It just works with everything." - G.K., Bath, PA

Olivae Skin Lotion:

"I am hooked on your Olivae Skin Lotion. It is my favorite for 'winter' dry skin. Thank you." - - P.W., Christiana, PA

"I really love Olivae Skin Lotion!" - C.J., Encinitas, CA

"I use the Olivae skin lotion every night. I think it is fabulous. I went to my dermatologist and he said whatever you are doing, continue doing it." - B.M., Oak Ridge, TN

"Great for sore muscles and joints, it has a light and pleasant scent. And the results, you end up with beautiful skin. Enjoy and PLEASE do not stop selling this product." - anonymous

"In Love with Olivae Skin Lotion." - J.S., Syracuse, IN

“I love this product. Thank you!” - X.F., St. Petersburg, FL

"This is a birthday present for a friend. I love this product and so does she." - J.T., Stuart, FL

"I absolutely love Olivae Skin Lotion." - L.N., San Francisco, CA

Olivae Lip Balm:

"Olivae Lip Balm is the only lip balm that actually works and smells divine! I buy a lot at once every other year. If someone is really deserving, I slip them one as a gift. Otherwise, my kids and I keep them in every pocket and bag all winter long!" – S.G., Narberth, PA

"Both the Palma Christi Lip Balm and the Olivae Lip Balm moisturized my lips without leaving a waxy coating." - A.B., Coatesville PA

"I really enjoy Baar Products, so I am looking forward to receiving this order. The Olivae Lip Balm in particular is a fave, because my lips are always dry. - P.M., San Antonio TX

"Olivae Lip Balm is the BEST! I imagine that I have tried over 30 different organic, healthy and some VERY expensive and none has kept the red from spreading around my lips. Olivae Lip Balm prevents the redness from occurring. Thanks!" -N.M., Romney, WV

"Olivae Lip Balm is wonderful! 5 of them will get me through the whole winter and the price is great!" -E.Z., Sanford, FL

"I love the Olivae Lip Balm. The Tropical scent smells great and it works so well on my chapped lips!" -M.C., Cinnaminson, NJ

"Olivae Lip Balm multi-price is a great value!" -B.M., Harwich, MA

"I use Olivae Lip Balm around my eyes for wrinkles." -S.W., Hagerstown, MD

"Olivae Lip Balm is the only thing that does not make my son's lips break out." -M.D., Hammonton, NJ

"Love your Olivae Lip balm, it's even better than Burt's Bees." -M.R., Brooklyn, NY

"I LOVE the Olivae lip Balm." -J.S., Springtown, TX

Olivae Liquid Soap:

“This Olivae Soap has become my wife's favorite, and she's using it as a stocking stuffer. She likes it so much.” -D.B., Exton, PA

"I have sensitive skin and can use Olivae Liquid Soap- everything else it reacts to!" - L.D., Reedsport, OR

Olivae Bar Soap:

"The Olivae Bar Soap is the most amazing soap I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin that dries easily. I skip my after bath moisturizer all the time. I love it!!!" - D.C., Brooklyn, NY

"I love the Olivae soaps and lotions." - K.B., Fairplay, CO

"I like to alternate between the Palma Christi And Olivae Bar Soap." - C.F., Middletown, RI

"A family member got me the Olivae bar and liquid soap. I really like those!" - M.M., Covert, MI